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Updates Archive - June, 2006

Friday, June 30th, 2006

1:08 PM ET

"Coming in October: Cannibal! The Musical 10th Anniversary 2-Disc Set" - that's right TWO DISCS COMING THIS OCTOBER, according to Actium's DVD Shelf at Earlier this month, a "Colorado Commentary" was recorded with Cannibal! crew members Ian Keldin, Alex Keldin, Jon Hegel, Toddy Walters, Robert Muratore, and Elki Neiberger, which will very likely be included with the new set. More information coming soon. Thanks to Cannibal Lover for the scoop.

Coming before October: new Cannibal! apparel at the CRAPstore, including girlie "Shpadoinkle!" shirts. Beautiful, I must say.


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