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Updates Archive - October, 2008

Sunday, October 27th, 2008

12:27 AM ET

After many official and unofficial announcements about a new Cannibal! DVD being released in the near future (now the distant past), THE 13TH ANNIVERSARY 2-DISC SHPADOINKLE EDITION DVD can be IN YOUR HANDS in just a few weeks! The 100% guaranteed official release date is Tuesday, November 18th, 2008. Head on over to the CRAPstore and pre-order your copy now! There are many combo deals available with the DVD, so check those out too. Here is what you will find on the Special Edition DVD (items bolded & with asterisks are new/exclusive to this release):

   Regurgitated Giblets:
*New hour-long interviews with Parker, Stone and producer Jason McHugh
   Ear-viserated Commentaries:
*All-new audio commentary (aka 'Colorado Commentary') by the cast and crew Ian Hardin, Jon Hegel, Alex Kelly, Robert Muratore, Elki Neiberger, and Toddy Walters
The legendary inebriated audio commentary by Parker, Stone, McHugh, Dian Bachar, and Andy Kemler
   *Severed Remains: Never-before-seen deleted scenes
   Beneath the Carcass: Behind-the-scenes footage
   *Dismembered Delicacies: Production Still Gallery
   *Cannibal Close-ups: Homegrown Cannibal! Stage Productions Footage
   *New Introduction by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman (watch here)
   Hermaphrodite PSA with Parker, Stone, and Lemmy from Motorhead
   Cannibal! Trailer, Alferd Packer Trailer
   *Lloyd's Cameo in stage production of Cannibal!
   *Tromatic Extras (Troma trailers)

Join us in the Cannibal forum to discuss the new DVD.


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