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Special Edition DVD


Cannibal! on DVD
  • Digitally Mastered
  • Commentary with Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Jason McHugh, Dian Bachar, and Andy Kemler
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Special "DVD Jukebox" (play the songs from the movie or the stage play)
  • Interview with Trey, Matt, and Jason
  • Public service announcement from Trey, Matt, and Lemmy (from Motorhead) as hermaphrodites
  • Many trailers from Troma classics, including two original trailers from Cannibal!
  • Virtual tour of Troma
  • Troma Intelligence Test II


Listen to a sampling of the commentary track. You can actually hear them get drunk. Check it out:

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What people are saying

  • 1/21/04 - I think that the DVD was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It's just amazing. It was just hilarious. Bottom line. Hilarious. Trey Parker is a genius. - Ronnie Pacheco, Jr.
  • 6/5/02 - I just got the DVD today and it's excellant. Even for those with casual interest in the film should buy this. An excellent commentary, two intros, an interview with Trey & Matt, Trey & Matt's scene from Terror Firmer uncut. I do not have time for ALL the extras here, just take a gander down the page and see for yourself. Join the PackerElite. - Andrew Moncrieff
  • 8/11/00 - This DVD is amazing...I mean you look at those DVDs from big time companies and you get to the special features and you get the trailer and a really boring directors track if ur lucky...but on this track Trey's drunk and wants to go to a titty bar...and you have over a hundred features to choose lie!!!! Get it, you will love it. - BigBabyJesus03
  • 6/10/00 - This DVD is amazing. I own about 70 DVD's and this one is the best. It has tons of great special features such as trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, Cannibal "Live" performed by a theatre company, and much more. This DVD doesn't have any subtitles but who gives a rats ass? I don't. It also has an Intelligence Test in which they ask you 20 questions about Troma movies and each questions you get correct you get to see about a 10 sec. clip from a porno. You get the question wrong and you get to see a nasty, gory, act of violence from a Troma film. Get the damn DVD now, if you don't have it already. It is worth it! Cannibal! The Musical Rocks! - Little Sandler
  • 4/3/00 - Cannibal the Musical on DVD is probably the best DVD I own, even better than the Matrix. The DVD is loaded with extras. The commentary is even better than the movie, that's surprising. The behind the scenes is pretty cool too. But I can't stand the live on stage part. I can't believe how a great movie could be a terrible play. What I hate about Troma is how everything they make has to have some porno in it, like on vhs. I was disgusted about what they show for trailers, but they're still alright, they are pretty cool. - WillyZ
  • 4/2/00 - My friend let me borrow his DVD of Cannibal last week. I honestly wasn't expecting anything worthwhile, but I think I laughed through the whole film. I liked it enough to order my own copy off (which arrived yesterday). The DVD is probably the ONLY way to experience this movie. It's packed with all kinds of junk related to Cannibal and Troma including trivia games, a tour or Troma, trailers, commentary and much more I haven't discovered yet. The behind the scenes making of Cannibal is a nice treat. I agree with Greg about the stage play. Thank god they made a film instead. - David Lindsay
  • 3/28/00 - All the extras are great, the commentary is funny, the animated menus are REALLY cool. The Live on Stage footage is TOTALLY gay...watching it makes you appreciate the film that much more. The Troma bonuses are cool too...trailers, trivia game, studio tour, etc. - Greg
  • 3/27/00 - Cannibal! The Musical is finally available on DVD. The DVD was well worth the wait. Not only was the film itself digitally remastered and the soundtrack enhanced, but Troma seemed to go out of its way to make this the ultimate collectible! Shpadoinkle for us!

    The film contains a side splitting Director's Commentary, actually it's more like a Saturday night drinking party where Cannibal! is the main attraction (aside from the booze) and it's hosts are Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Andy Kemler, Dian Bachar and Jason McHugh, all stars of the film. We are invited to hear all the inside details that went into making this movie, from how Trey now views his editorial decisions to how nice a rack the sound girl had. This commentary is one hoot and a holler and you can now spend every lonely Saturday night with a bunch of drunk freaks who are now famous. That's all I'm asking for!

    Well, if you're a Troma fan, there's Troma extras galore, lots of Trailers of other Troma films and a tour of Troma studios. If you want extras for Cannibal!, fear not, there's tons of those too! From behind the scenes video of the actual shoot to the Atlanta stage play musical numbers! It's just too bad they didn't include the whole play, I am left wanting to see it all now it's that good.

    This disc's as full as a baked potato. So run out to your local DVD dealer or online store and get Cannibal! The Musical today....and if they're out, don't fret, we'll just build a snowman!!!! - RobMcCartney
  • 3/26/00 - Well, I just got my dvd, and just some advice: If you're gonna pre-order a title off the net, don't pre-order from Amazon. If it wasn't for the discounted price, I wouldn't have any reason to appreciate their service. Anyway, this is what the South Park Movie should have had! Interviews, commentary, and behind-the-scenes footage are what make the film interesting. It's pretty incredible to learn that, despite the low-budget for Cannibal, you get a sense of a stronger production than most big-budget films. I also appreciated the live garage version, and was thinking that it could really work well on Broadway, given the right sets and props. And since I like Troma overall, it's a nice bonus to see the commercial for the next Toxic Avenger film. So was the 2 months I waited for my pre-order worth it? Definitely! This is THE reason to have a dvd player. Not Star Wars, not the Matrix, but Cannibal! - Daniel Zelter
  • 3/25/00 - A lot of the extras on it are Troma related and not Cannibal. If you're into senseless dark morbid blood, gore, vomit and all that other stuff (which I personally am not), Troma is your kind of company. In the director's track, a bunch of old college friends sit around and watch a movie they made 6 years before while drinking scotch, beer, and wine (although we never hear much about the wine). In my opinion, the directors track is just as funny as the movie itself. My favorite line is when Trey is talking about the real Lianne and he says "I'm worth seven million dollars and she's with the manager of Foley's! WHOOPS!" They talk about all kinds of Bloopers also, like during "That's All I'm Asking For" you can see Trey yell cut, or when Dian shakes his keys after talkin to the Indian girl. If you don't have the DVD, get it. NOW! - FroSen
  • 3/22/00 - "Cannibal! The Muscial" on DVD is the only way to see "Cannibal! The Musical!"

    The digitally remastered version of the movie is great, the audio and video are as good as possible and the only "Troma" video I have seen with good effects! The extra features are beyond the acceptable point! There is a 24 minute interview with Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Jason McHugh that is hilarious, 2 Original theatrical trailers, directors commentary with the cast which is HILARIOUS! They get drunk while commenting, And it's not like the other directors tracks, this one will actually have you wanting to watch the entire directors track, behind the scenes footage is great, song footage from the live version of "Cannibal! The Musical" and to top it all off, "HUMMUS PSA", a skit put together by Trey, Matt, and Troma starring Trey, Matt, And Lemmy from Motorhead, it is about the prejudices against hermaphrodites and yet again it is hilarious! Plus tons more from "Troma" including the "Troma Intelligence Test 2". Every time you get an answer right you get PORN! But if you get one wrong you get gory, disgusting clips from various "Troma" movies including "Killer Condoms!" So go buy this now!!!!!! - Bdezfafara98

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